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Maddie Nolan

“Love every minute of Chelsea’s classes! Perfect for any ability, she makes sure there is something for everyone- modifications and advanced poses to suit all levels! I really struggle to maintain my breathing, but whilst flowing Chels gently reminds the class to remain focused on our Pranayama I feel like all my senses are activated when I practise with her, with sounds and scents being utilised throughout! Chelsea really has created her own style so if you’re looking for yoga that is welcoming, different and abundant then this is the class and teacher for you"

Rachel Hart

"Chelsea is such a lovely, kind soul which is what makes her an amazing instructor. I always feel comfortable and relaxed in her sessions (a bit of a mean feat for me!) Having not done yoga for so long I really thought I’d struggle but Chelsea always pops over if she thinks I need a hand, is more than happy to modify my position and is really bubbly and encouraging so even in those harder poses I somehow manage! Thoroughly recommend popping along to one of Chelsea’s classes if you’re a yoga lover or beginner, she covers all levels and I can guarantee as soon as you meet her you’ll just love her!"

Alex and Faye

" My girlfriend and I attend Chelseas yoga class weekly, at RGA Bolton. We both weight train as our primary physical activity and we find that yoga is the perfect way to balance it out.
As well as the mobility and flexibility benefits that it offers, I find that the class leaves me feeling free of stresses built up along the week, each and every time i attend. Chelsea encourages everyoen to practice at their own pace withing the class. 
I would recommend Chelseas classes to anyone looking to start yoga !"


“its been almost a year since I joined Chelseas Yoga classes and its the best decision I have made because Chelsea is brilliant, she encourages you, shes so patient and always supports you, especially if its your first time. I would definatley recommend her classes and cont wait to continue with her ."

Kelly and Nathan,

"I highly recommend Yoga with Chelsea! Having attended various classes over the years, Chelseas class if definatley the best I have ever been to. Not only do we feel better physically after every class but far more relaxed too.
Chelsea is so friendly and welcoming, perfect if you're a beginner and a bit nervous.
Coming to this class each week is my top priority I wont miss it unless absolutley necessary"

Jenny and family
(family private class)

So on Sunday we had our 1st Family Yoga session with the beautiful Chelsea…I’ve wanted for so long for our little ones to have something in their lives that will bring…Balance….Calm…Inner peace and ultimately strength which will support them dealing with stress that they may get in their lives….

We really couldn’t have asked for a better teacher she was amazing with the group diversity…we had baby Phoebe crawling around…Keeva joined in so beautifully…the bigger kids kept the focus and joined in and enjoyed the Yoga session….We had us oldie’s that embraced all the Yoga moves…Jess and Beth was so focused while Amy kept Phoebe in check…we also had Liam who as Autism…he needs so much support but he kept calm throughout the session and tried hard to join in…he was great at the Lion breath’s…

Chelsea we are so excited for our future sessions…you were so patient…friendly and inclusive with your Yoga session…it was fun and exciting to do something new…

Keeva said…She loved the Lions Roar…

Alice said…You included everyone….

Mia said…You we’re so lovely…

Beth said…You made the session so much fun for all..

Ty said….She loved everything…

McKenzie said…He can’t wait to come again..


It was everything we wanted it to be and more…we’re so excited for our next session in August…thank you for allowing us to be part of your Yoga family…when we left and the day went on I realised what a beautiful experience we had had… watching everyone join in… in their own way made me realise Yoga is so amazing.

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