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Weekly classes

Find what feels good

By bringing yoga directly to you, i have created these weekly Session to be tailored to all levels. My weekly Session integrates yoga poses (asanas), mobility, strength building, breathwork and mediation. Creating a space where you feel ok to be yourself and know that where ever you are in your practice is perfect.

Private Session

The Joys of Yoga

The Private Session allows you to dive deeper into yoga practice. The focus is on you an your uniqueness, with a special emphasis on getting to know yourself, mind and body better helping you reconnect and rejuvenate. specifically tailored to you and your wants and needs.
Helping you fall back in love with a movement practice. Contact me to book


workshops and monthly classes

Try something new

Wanting to elevate your practice, learn more and try new things ? Our monthly Yin classes and monthly workshops are the perfect place to do this. focusing on new themes each month, we spend longer together and delve into things more deeper in these sessions.

Meditation Classes Online

Let me guide you, let me calm your mind and help you find peace

Join us once a month online for 20-30 minutes of meditation. You do not need a clear mind to practice, we practice so we can learn how to not be attached to our thoughts. These sessions will include guided imagery, breathwork and different themes each month. 
All you need is a comfy place to sit or lay down, yourself and a willingness to learn and be guided. 

Our minds are designed to think, its how we react to these thoughts that matter. 

Buddha Statue

Gloga Bolton

enhance your senses, challenge your  balance and find light in the darkness.

Unlike a typical class, practicing in near darkness makes you more cognizant of your surroundings—your brain relies on heightened awareness from senses other than vision to process sensory information in order to stay balanced. If it feels like a fit, glow for it!
hese sessions speak to everyone in a unique and different way, allowing external stimuli to enhance your internal experience

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