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Listen to Your Body

My name is Chelsea and I am a yoga, movement and breathwork specialist in Greater Manchester. I have been teaching since 2019 and have been practicing since 2015. 

Yoga brought something amazing into my life when I needed it most, it not only gave me strength and flexibility physically but mentally too. These ancient practices made me who I am today. 

My aim is to create a space where all feel welcome, safe and cared for. A place where you can feel like you can truly be yourself, to let go, feel free and find peace in a world full of chaos. Yoga is not what you see on social media. The goal is not to touch your toes and balance on your head. 

The goal is to find peace, to love yourself exactly as you are now. My weekly classes incorporate a mixture of different styles of movement, meditation and breathwork. We work with themes from yoga philosophy and the world around us. 


I Teach monthly Yin classes and workshops these classes give you a taste of different aspects of yoga and we delve deepers into subjects and movements. Taking your practice to a new level. 


I can not tell you what you will get from my classes as that is up to you, whether you come for fitness, for peace, for flexibility or any other reason. I can tell you that I will make you feel like you can be yourself and I will help you to learn about yourself in a way normal life does not allow us to.


If you have any questions or want to practice privatley drop me a message below <3 


Love and light 


...or check out our schedule below to see whats coming up, simply click the class and book your spot ! 

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